Welcome to our web site. We hope your visit is enjoyable and that you find what youíre looking for. We also hope, if you havenít already done so, that you will visit our church, and that you will find what youíre looking for there, too. Come and experience the love of God. Come and discover a faith community filled with people who desire to reach out to others. Come and experience fellowship with people who genuinely care about you. Come and be a part of a church that is ď. . . built on the foundation of Godís love.Ē Please let us know if we can be of any help to you and your family.



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Come Worship With Us:

May 8th



Interim Pastor: Rev. Lee Yates


Scripture: Mark 5:21-42



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Remember to check the church calendar in the newsletter (below) for additions and changes throughout the month!

What's going on at MSCC:


Voting in Family Center 5:30 am-7 pm



Christian Adult Fellowship Pitch-In Lunch 12 pm (games 1 pm)

Family Center in use 5-7 pm

Bible Study 7 pm



Christian Women's Fellowship Spring Banquet 6 pm



Family Center in use 5-7 pm







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Youth Opportunities

All Groups Regularly Meet on Sundays 4:30 to 6 pm

TKC - The Kid Connection (age 5 - grade 4)


Chi Rho (grades 5-8) and CYF (grades 9-12)